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Elektronisk Bureau restores and rebuild vintage turntables to new condition, and builds unique players from scratch.


Vintage turntables are of a much higher quality than what you can buy new at a reasonable price today. These come from a time when vinyl was the preferred medium, and a lot of resources were put into developing the best players at the best price.

Elektronisk Bureau makes new or restores plinth / cabinet, veneer in most types of wood and mounts tonearm and cartridge as desired. The turntables are disassembled down to the smallest part, and all components cleaned, polished and put back to new or better than new condition. Worn parts are painted or replaced with new ones when needed.

A nice looking turntable is important, but of course just as much emphasis is put on the sound quality. Resonance damping, better signal cables and generally high quality components mean that these will play better than when they were new, and better than most new turntables in the same price range.
When we have time to spare, we build turntables from scratch and put up for sale here.

Below is examples of previously built turntables for inspiration, but all are unique and will therefore not return to stock. Supplied equipment / lid is what is pictured. Price depends on configuration.
Players in stock are at the top of menu and have specified price.

NB: All prices  include 25% VAT. If not in Norway, deduct this for prices without VAT.

Elektronisk Bureau is not responsible for additional taxes that may apply in other countries when shipped abroad.
Price exclude shipping, we will calculate this before shipping.

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