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When shipping a turntable it is important that all parts is tight and steady in the box. Sensitive components has to be properly secured, but not be under pressure from foam or other packing material.

NOTE: this is a guide for how to pack and secure a turntable before shipping, Elektronisk Bureau is not responsible for any damage that may occure under shipping.

-use a solid box with room enough for the turntable and packing material
-remove counterweight and headshell (if detachable). Put these in separate packing material.
-remove platter and wrap this in buble plastic or likewise
-secure arm with thread or rubberband
-put plastic wrapping tightly around player (without lid), but cut out for tonearm so this is not under pressure. Use enough wrapping to secure player and loose components, but little enough to fit lid on top.
-with lid placed ontop player, wrap more plastic tightly around in both directions. Don´t attached hinges on lid to player. The lid should be impossible to move relative to player.( don´t ship with lid if this is not part of repair)
-put ample amount of bubbleplastic or equivalent in bottom of box and put the platter ontop.
-wrap platter in bubble plastic, and put cardboard or styrofoam on sides of platter so it is steady. This will support the turntable as well.
-put player ontop of platter, and secure it with ample amounts of styrofoam etc, corners are the most important. It is important that the lid is not under pressure, this should only be secured to the player.
-put the package with counterweight and headshell inbetween player and box. Place cables etc so that they are not loose in box, but not putting pressure to player or lid.
-when everything is secured, put styrofoam etc on top of player all the way to the top of the box. Do NOT put anything on the middle of the lid, only towards the ends. If any pressure is applied to the middle of the lid, it will almost certainly break.
-use ample amounts of tape around outer box. When finished, shake the box to check if everything is secured.
-ship only what´s important for the service/ repair. Schematics, extra cables or any other parts not related to the player itself is not necessary.


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