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Service and repairs are paid after completion and before collection / return of product.
Service time is about 1 week from the product is received, usually  faster.
When ordering new parts, expect longer repair time. As with all vintage equipment, additional faults may appear during repair beyond what has been agreed, this is additional work.

If the repaired product has not been paid for and picked up within 2 weeks after completion, a storage fee of NOK 70 will be added to the invoice. Then another10% after one month. There is a 2 month warranty on service / repair. If faults occur other than what has been repaired, this is not covered by the warranty.
Elektronisk Bureau reserves the right to sell repaired product if this is not paid for within 2 months after completion.
Elektronisk Bureau reserves the right to sell / take ownership of products submitted for service left unrepaired/ uncollected for 2 months.


Prices / Payment
All our prices are stated in Norwegian kroner and including VAT unless otherwise stated. There is free shipping on all products in the online store.


Shipping outside Norway is not included. 25% VAT will be deducted on the amount when shipped outside Norway.

All prices, descriptions and specifications of the products are given subject to typographical errors.

Stock status
Stock status is kept updated regularly, but errors may occur. In that case, you will be notified by email.

Inventory items are normally sent out within two to three working days. In the event of weekends and holidays  the item will be sent the next working day. If the item is not in stock, delay on shipment must be expected.

VAT will be deducted from the given price for goods shipped outside Norway. Elektronisk Bureau is not responsible for additional taxes that may apply in the receiving country.
All goods are sent with Posten / Bring unless otherwise agreed / specified. Time from the item is sent from us until it arrives to you will depend on the general postal service and where in the country you live.

When shipped outside Norway, actual shipping price wil be added to the invoice.
If shipment is not retrieved, the buyer will be invoiced for both shipping  and return (double shipping).

Delivery time
Normally, our delivery time will be 3 - 6 working days from the time you receive the order confirmation. If you order items that are temporarily sold out, you will be informed by e-mail with information about the expected delivery time. If you do not wish to receive the item due to extended delivery time / backorder, you have the option to cancel it.

Transport insurance
The shipping price also includes insurance that covers losses and any damage to the product during transport from us to you. This is an insurance through the shipping company, and the sum insured is based on e.g. the weight of the item. If there is visible damage when you receive the item, you must immediately check whether the product has suffered visible damage. If this is the case, refuse to receive the item and ask the post office or supplier to note that the packaging was damaged during transport. If there is any other damage to the product when it is unpacked, you must contact us as soon as possible and within a reasonable time. Then we will take care of the further proceedings, so that you can have your product changed without unnecessary waiting.
After you have received the products, we recommend that you check as soon as possible whether the delivery is in accordance with the order confirmation, whether the products have been damaged during transport, or whether the products otherwise have defects or defects.

If you receive the wrong item, we will send you the correct item as soon as we have received the wrong item in return. We pay return shipping if you have received another item than the one that was ordered. If you have ordered the wrong product yourself, return shipping must be paid by the customer.

If an error occurs with the item you have purchased from us, you must notify us as soon as possible and within a reasonable time from the error being discovered. Repair will be done as soon as possible after we receive the faulty product. If not repairable, we will send the same / new item to you upon receipt of the item with an error. 

Products in the Custom Turntable category are specially made products, for which a 1-year warranty applies. If the turntable is fitted with a new tonearm or cartridge, Norwegian warranty rules apply.

•Elektronisk Bureau reserves the right to change prices and specifications without notice.
•Elektronisk Bureau reserves the right to cancel orders if products are not delivered from supplier and obvious price errors on products (typically 0,-prices).
•If an ordered item is not available within normal delivery time, you will be notified.
•Persons between the ages of 15 and 18 who wish to order need permission from their parents. Credit purchases can only be made by    persons over 18 years.
•When you submit an order to us, we assume that you have read through and accepted the terms of sale.
•Items provided free of charge must also be returned if the purchase is canceled.

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