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EB ELK, a small beautiful full range speaker with integrated amplifier and bluetooth.

Made in delicious material with sound to match, where the philosophy is attractive design, handy size and ease of use.

Soundwise not a party speaker, but with a large soundstage and lots of details, far beyond what´s expected from the size. 


Handmade in Krakeroy, with natural colours and materials.

Each pair is handmade by Elektronisk Bureau.



-enclosure in oak veneer and valchromat

-2 x 30 watt amplifier

-Bluetooth 5.0

-Frequency range 68Hz-20KHz

-Size H30cm x W13cm x D24cm


Can also be ordered with green or red back/ front valchromat (black is without motive)


Price : 8500,- a pair

Buy handmade products, they last for generations.

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